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Our Model

We collaborate with Honduran practitioners to deliver world-class health care and education in the villages of Opatoro and Santa Ana Regions. We are the only NGO offering health services in this region. 


We take time to get to know the communities, the people and their home environments, where we can make realistic assessments for a continuum of care with their local nurses and health promoters.


We work with community leaders to understand institutional structures and how to work within them. The local doctors and nurses, health promoters and village advocates, guide us with expert knowledge for providing best practices.


We’re committed to these regions to help improve general health and outcomes with an emphasis on prevention. Our friendships play a very important role for returning team members. Volunteer colleagues from Tegucigalpa, the US and other countries have established strong ties with their rural counterparts.

Our Work

In collaboration with local communities and medical practitioners, we strive to improve the health and well-being of rural Hondurans.

See how our sustainable model works.

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