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Mindful Media Studios

Origin Story

Being waitlisted by NASA in 1969 was actually a great career boost; Apollo 13 had been my first choice and I didn’t  even think about having a safety. Mars was my reach, and I’m still working on that.  The first rejection was a life lesson, and I’ll never know would have played me in the movie. But I’m glad to be here and am grateful that Kevin Bacon was there with the duct tape. Six degrees + zero gravity = infinite possibilities. Until I’m called up for a flight to mars, I am on another mission for truth, justice and the American way. Short of that,  a cup of coffee, good company and an extra helping of Kevin Bacon will do.

We like good company. From startups to more fortunate ones,  we’ve created magic for Apple, IBM, GE and Scholastic. We’ve raised funds and awareness for Catholic nuns and other social media. We’ve worked with Nobel Laureates, rocket scientists and classroom teachers to help students get a decent ROI, connecting with hundreds of thousands of learners ad nauseam . Collectively, we are a gang of free-range thinkers, writers, designers, illustrators and animators who create ethically sourced, authentic and informed content in all formats for all life forms.

7% of Americans pray for a parking space.

Master Crafts

Master Craft  01


Big ideas start with a small spark. Then they iterate. And iterate. And iterate again. Discover new ways to reach your audience with a clear and present message.  In a world where “in a world” means nothing at all, somebody has some explaining to do. And then explain it some more.
Master Craft 02


Auteurs, artisans and journeypeople are here to lend you their talent.  Praises and accolades notwithstanding, our studios sing with creativity. Gifted writers, artists and storytellers are on hand to wrap and share your message.

Master Craft 03


Brand handling, asset wrangling and showdowns at noon; we rustle your message beyond the herd mentality. When we’re done, we’ll execute your digital and automated marketing strategy and head the other guys off at the pass.
Master Craft 04


Mobilize reliable troops with our down-to-earth cloud solutions.  From apps that stream to campaigns that scream, we’re always prepared to build and maintain SaaS stuff – even without a Swiss Army Knife.
Master Craft 05

Lorum Ipsum

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Master Craft 06


We bring hands, hearts and minds together as catalyst for targeted content and connection. Campaigns, initiatives and voices of advocacy are here to be heard.
Master Craft  07

Bean Counting

Technically speaking, we’re an outlet of creatives.  We’re charged with providing solutions using all of our natural resources.  Our talented bean counters with prim and proper propellers navigate the dynamics between budgets and boondoggles.


All-natural artificial intelligence

Cultivate organic and paid social media to witness near-miracle growth of your market. Just add a few beans and engage your audience with magical storytelling.

Root Cause Analysis

We dig deep to identify, understand and connect with your market. Our network of SMEs have expertise in almost every subject on earth.  We’re masters at asking questions, identifying themes and putting them to task.

Put Your Name In

We’re holding a special drawing just for you! Throw your name into the hat.

Silly Rabbit

No tricks. Nothing up our sleeves. Just open channels of communication through a happy medium.

Batten Down the Hatter

Our Mindful Media Milliner

The roles of chief milliner and multi-hat wearer at Mindful Media Studios rest on the head and in the mind of Trish Cleary. Trish, who’s writing this in the third person, creates compelling content that engages and informs. From whimsical animations to technical documentation, and from promotional copy to classy taxonomy, Trish is a muse for all media.  As a NASA reject, that’s about the best she can do.

Trish maintains a personal blog, where nothing is personal.

Free Parking Prayer

Little Flower at this hour show Thy power.

You're welcome.